Specialty Acts

The top Las Vegas shows brings in specialty acts from around the world. The city brought in the best singers and dancers to earn its famous title, but it wasn't until this variety of specialty acts came in where Vegas truly became known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. VEGAS! THE SHOW brings in the best variety acts from around the world to show the audience the greatest time of their life. Get to know some of the specialty acts that rotate with every show.

  • The Quiddlers of VEGAS! The Show


    The Quiddlers are a physical comedy group based in Las Vegas, NV. Created by Paul Ebejer, they are known worldwide as "The International Ambassadors of Physical Comedy." With over five hundred television shows performed worldwide and a royal command performance by the Queen of England. Recent tv credits include NBC'S "I Can Do That" and America's Got Talent.

  • Tamara of VEGAS! The Show

    Tamara YerofeyevaRHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS

    Tamara Yerofeyeva was born in Kiev, Ukraine. From the age of 7 to 22 she dedicated herself in Rhythmic Gymnastic and became one of the World’s most accomplished gymnast. After being a 4-time World Champion and Olympic Games finalist, she performed with Cirque Du Soleil. After that, Tamara won "Vegas Got Talent" contest and joined a cast of "V - The Ultimate Variety Show" in Las Vegas. Tamara's act combines grace, elegance, amazing flexibility and dexterity. Her body is moving from one extraordinary contortion position to another while keep spinning hoop on her feet.

  • Mat Plendl of Vegas The Show

    Mat Plendl Hulahoop Champion

    Mat Plendl was the US National Hula Hoop Champion at the age of 13, then went on to a career in stage musicals and voice-over. At age 24 he performed his hula hoop act on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 3 times within a 6-month period, and has since dazzled audiences in person and on TV across the Globe. Mat Plendl has been a favorite NBA half-time performer and a question in Trivial Pursuit. He has appeared on Donny & Marie, The Mickey Mouse Club and Don't Just Sit There, as well as Fantastico (Italy) and Zakku Baran (Japan).

  • Sandou Trio of VEGAS! The Show

    Sandou TrioACROBAT TRIO

    The Sandou Trio Russian Bar Act has traveled the world performing their act. They toured and performed with Britney Spears and her world Circus Tour (2009), They were semi-finalists on America’s Got Talent (season 6), where they set a record and performed their Russian Bar act over a large bed of nails and fire - and were named the most dangerous act. They have been performing for NBA half time shows for the past 10 years, including the 2010 NBA All Star Game, and the NBA Global games in China. The Trio also had the honor of performing their Russian Bar Act for the 2016 Men’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials. The Trio also performed for the 2018 Arnold Schwarzenegger gymnastics Classic Competition. The Incredible Trio also performed on the Television 2nd series finale episode of "Baskets" starring Zach Galifianakis. And The Trio also had the immense honor of performing their Russian Bar in the 2017, 20th Century Fox movie, “ The Greatest Showman” starring Hugh Jackman. The Talented Trio, currently perform in VEGAS! THE SHOW, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV. They also continue to perform all of their specialty acts for many specialty performances, corporate shows and events, professional sporting events, Trade shows, festivals, Orchestra and Symphony Shows, Holiday shows, Locally and Globally.

  • Vladik of VEGAS! The Show


    Vladik started juggling at 6 years old at only 9 years old he already started performing professionally on stage. Since then he has worked in over 30 countries including in famous shows like Lido in Paris and Cirque Du Soleil®. Vladik combines a unique blend of acrobatics, contemporary dance and juggling. He has won numerous awards in many competitions worldwide and is considered as on of the best juggling acts in the world.

  • Michael Holly of VEGAS! The Show

    Michael Holly

    Michael Holly has been an audience favorite on the stages of Las Vegas since 1987 ...and there's only one reason for that...he's funny! He's been the comedy star in shows such as the classic Folies Bergere which played for 50 years at the Tropicana Hotel, to the magic spectacular Spellbound at Harrahs, V-The Ultimate Variety Show at the Venetian Hotel and currently in Vegas! The Show! At Planet Hollywood, plus a dozen others! His shows have taken him around the world, Africa twice, Bali, Greece, Alaska, Canada and Europe. He juggles two bowling balls and an M&M, bear traps and marshmallow peeps, juggles fire on a tightwire, plays a steel drum with juggling balls while playing a Head Mounted Orbital Pan Flute ....all combined with wacky comedy that keeps audiences laughing every night!

  • Gymnasts of VEGAS! The Show

    Anastasini Brothers

    Fabio and Giuliano are two-of-a-kind. The 9th generation circus performers and extreme gymnasts have been performing in front of live audiences since they were teenagers.

    They’re descendants of the Anastasini family, an Italian dynasty of traveling entertainers which included hand-balancers, jugglers, and acrobats. The circus line began in the 19th century with Circo Anastasini in Italy.

    Fabio and Giuliano landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing the “Most Risley Flips in 30 Seconds” - an amazing 32 full rotations.

    For those unfamiliar with the circus trick, the Risley Flip is a ground acrobatics move where one person lies on a surface as the base, supporting the flyer with their feet. Once the flyer is in position, the base acrobat flips the flyer 360 degrees with a foot maneuver. It requires intense core strength, trust and coordination.

    The Anastasini Brothers are now happy to call Las Vegas home and are proud cast members of VEGAS! THE SHOW